Lifetime Guarantee Policy

A long lasting pair of socks that never gets holes in the toes is something to smile about :D! Troll Socks officially started in September of 2018, but we didn't go to market until November of 2019. Why? Because we spent hundreds of hours painstakingly researching how socks are made and what the defines a quality pair of socks. Our initial idea was to make fun socks that are unlike anything anyone has ever made before, with characters that look back up at you, in limited editions that people can collect and wear on special occasions. We knew our designs and concept themselves would separate us from the competition but we wanted to also make sure that our socks lasted a long, long long time (like forever). We visited with and interviewed with dozens of manufacturers, testing and tweaking samples for longevity and comfort before we landed on our current product which we guarantee are the best pair of socks on the market. The fuzzy toe feature which defines our fun characters with a hairstyle and provides added comfort, also prevents holes in your toes forever. The #1 sign that you've bought a bad pair of socks is when they start getting holes in the toes. With Troll Socks that will never happen! If for some reason it does, you can ship them back to us and exchange for another pair of any sock we have on the market, no questions asked! 

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope you enjoy our socks for a lifetime. Click here to shop all our styles!