Become A Retailer

Welcome Retailers!

THANK YOU for your interest in our socks. We hope that you see the same amazing potential in our socks as we do! If you are interested in carrying Troll Socks please send us an e-mail to and tell us a little bit about your store. We'd appreciate the following information:

1. What is the name and location of your store?
2. How many total retail locations do you have?
3. Which SKUs in particular are you most interested in?

So, why should you carry Troll Socks in your store?

  • Troll Socks are the most unique socks in the market and because they don't look like any other socks in your store, eyeballs are immediately drawn to them!

  • Troll Socks are breaking new ground with the concept of collectible socks. Think Funko Pop! or Beanie Babies meets socks. Let's shake up the industry together!

  • Once a customer buys a pair of Troll Socks, or gifts them to someone else, the owners are very likely to buy another pair to add to their collection!

  • Troll Socks command premium prices due to the lack of availability (limited edition releases) and complete originality of our designs. Buyers cannot find anything like our socks anywhere else!

  • We're easy to work with and will custom create branding to fit your store!

New Design Releases
In addition to the current designs we offer on our site, we are always developing new designs and retailers will have first look and access to place purchase orders on unreleased designs on a first come first serve basis. Ask us about our future designs!

Custom Releases for Retailers
If you have an idea for a custom sock, we'd be happy to discuss. We are able to make exclusive custom socks for retailers that won't be sold anywhere but your store. MOQ 500 pairs. 

Finally, Troll Socks are in limited supply and high demand and we reserve the right to restrict order quantities per sku per store. 


Please e-mail!