About Us

We’re going to be straight up with you. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and we hope that you'll try the same with yourselves! It's truly gratifying. We will always be about having fun but not without first staying true to our business: producing the best quality and truly most unique socks on the planet. So please, take our sense of humor with a grain of salt and have some fun with us. And buy some darn socks while your at it!

Troll Socks isn’t going to save the world by slowing down global warming, preventing a nuclear war, or doing anything terribly important – we’re just giving the world a new slant on socks. Getting our socks as a gift or putting them on for the first time is an experience, and our socks are released in limited quantities. As we gain in popularity, you'll need to be quicker about ordering a sock that you like once it's released because they'll sell out faster and faster. 

We know that you know that we know that you know that there are a lot of sock companies out there with hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from. But if we are being honest with each other, regular old socks are played out. Even the so-called "cool sock brands" out there aren't doing anything much different from each other. Most of the market is really just an echo chamber and if they weren't branded with a logo we'd be willing to bet you wouldn’t be able to look at a pair of random socks and guess which company makes it, right? Not our socks. You can tell right away they are Troll Socks. 

So, the world wasn’t lacking in sock variety yesterday, but it WAS lacking socks that turn your feet into characters, with hairy toes that bring them to life.Troll Socks are NOT just another indistinguishable sock – we are a bold, fresh new take on socks. And we stand out in a lineup. 

Some say we’re the first (and best) innovation in socks since ‘nam and we agree. We're also versatile. Troll Socks are party socks, lounging socks, dress socks, novelty socks, and great gifts! As a lounging sock they can add a little fun to your next Netflix binge or fireside wine and cheese night with your boyfriend. At a wedding or in the boardroom they make for a comfortable and unique dress sock that gives you the confidence to tear up dance floors and flawlessly deliver your powerpoint pitch. You can be the coolest kid on the trampoline or the wacky uncle at Thanksgiving. You’ll stand out at every party, and send the coolest snaps of you and your bae with your feet next to the fireplace, exuding #relationshipgoals. Troll Socks make for great gifts and even collectors items. All of our socks are limited edition, some more than others, and the rarest of them all may be worth thousands in the future! 


In addition to being the most BAMFing sock on the planet Troll Socks provide many benefits to your physical and mental health, backed by science*, that you can read more about here

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Troll Socks Team