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Limited Edition Trump 2020 socks. Buy simply as socks or keep in packaging as a collectors item. Show your support for the TRUMP 2020: KEEP AMERICA GREAT re-election campaign by getting yourself, your family and friends a pair of these limited edition Trump 2020 socks with different faces on your left and right foot. Two fun faces in one pair! All socks also have faces on the bottom of your feet. They are ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL so as always they make buying gifts easy for everyone. We recommend to wear your Trump 2020 socks whenever you go through airport security and are asked to take your shoes off, to family holidays and reunions, while watching Trump rallies on TV and especially during election season!

Design Features
65% cotton, 35% Polyester, 5% Spandex.
These one-size-fits all crew length socks are made of the highest quality sourced materials and designed to ensure your toes never get holes in them while staying comfortable in all weather. This pair has two different Trump faces on the tops of your left and right feet, as well as the matching face on the bottom of your feet so people can see them as they approach you when you are lounging. Golden hair decorates your toes, and the sock is designed in classic American colors: Red, White, and Blue. The top of the socks has "2020" written on it to commemorate what will be an historic year and re-election!

One size fits all. They fit both men and women!

Social Socks
Take pictures and videos of your feet while wearing the Donald Trump socks and share on social using the hashtags  #TrumpSocks #Trump2020 and tag @TrollSocks while doing the following activities:

  • Feet up on the coffee table watching presidential addresses 
  • Feet up on the coffee table watching Trump rallys
  • Feet up on the coffee table watching Trump debates
  • Feet up on the coffee table watching ANYTHING really
  • Voting!
  • At parties with your shoes off
  • At family gatherings with your shoes off next to a Democrat
  • On any patriotic holiday
  • At the airport going through security

Collectible Socks: Quantity Information
Only 3000 pairs of these collectible socks were ever produced. 

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