Kirk Minihane Show Socks 3-Pack

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Bundle Includes:

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  • 1 pair of Kirk Minihane socks
  • 1 pair of Blind Mike socks
  • 1 pair of Brandi Love socks
  • 1 hypothetical middle finger to SJW's and Outrage Culture

This limited edition Kirk Minihane show bundle includes a fan favorite pair of Brandi Love socks in addition to your Kirky's and Blind Mikes. These are not just socks that show you support Kirk and Blind Mike and their struggle with mental health and blindness. These are socks that stand up for free speech. These socks flip a big middle finger to social justice warriors who will try to destroy free speech and leave comedy to die in their wake. These socks embody what happens when advertisers stick to their guns and support true talent and never cower. So SUPPORT Kirk Minihane, SUPPORT Blind Mike, DEFEND Free Speech, PRESERVE Comedy, and FIGHT Outrage Culture and get 2 pretty awesome pairs of socks while doing it. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in!

Design Features
65% cotton, 35% Polyester, 5% Spandex.
These one-size-fits all crew length socks are made of the highest quality sourced materials and designed to ensure your toes never get holes in them while staying comfortable in all weather. The faces are on the top AND bottom of your feet!

One size fits all. They fit both men and women!

Social Socks
Take pictures and videos of your feet while wearing the Kirk Minihane Show socks and share on social media while tagging Kirk, Blind Mike, the Kirk Minihane Show,and Troll Socks to show your support! Don't be afraid to use them to defend free speech against all who will try to destroy it.  We recommend you wear them:

  • While listening to the Kirk Minihane Show
  • To the Kirk Minihane Live Show
  • While lounging around your house
  • While making intense love using your Roman swipes
  • While listening to the sweet, sweet sounds of Linda Marks
  • While making prank phone calls to radio stations
  • At any parties that require you to take your shoes off
  • On any patriotic holiday
  • At the airport going through security 

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