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These crew length one-size-fits-all limited edition socks are named Foxy, and are inspired by the red fox, one of natures most cunning animals. Cute and comfortable and just the best. 

Design Features
65% cotton, 35% Polyester, 5% Spandex.
Introducing the first design in our Animal Socks line, this furry little animal sock was inspired by the adorable red fox. She sports a flashy red coat with bright eyes and a bushy tail and a fuzzy red tuft of hair to keep your toes warm. 
Coming in at only 500 pairs, this sock is Troll Socks most exclusive collectible socks release to date.

Troll Socks come in one-size-fits-all. They fit both men and women! 

Social Socks
Take pictures and videos of your feet and share on social using the hashtags #TrollSocks #AnimalSocks #FOXY.1 and tag @TrollSocks while doing the following activities:

  • Taking Foxy for a walk in the greenest of grasses
  • Enjoying a majestic view 
  • Enjoying a picnic
  • Feet up on the coffee table watching Animal Planet
  • Feet up on the coffee table watching fox videos on YouTube
  • Cuddling with someone you love 
  • In some Gucci slides
  • Sitting next to the fire
  • At parties with your shoes off
  • Doing something creative

Collectible Socks: Quantity Information
Only 500 pairs of these were ever produced. These are the rarest of the Original 6 Troll Socks designs.

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